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Snow Owl v3.0.1

Dezső Version: Snow Owl v3.0.1 Start date: 11 November 2013 End date: 20 December 2013 Code name / adopted animal: Dezső, a walking stick at the Budapest Zoo […]

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Snow Owl v3.0

Fülike Version: Snow Owl v3.0 Start date: 30 September 2013 End date: 08 November 2013 Code name / adopted animal: Fülike, an aardvark at the Budapest Zoo […]

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Introduction to Snow Owl – A tool for SNOMED CT

Check out the slides from our Snow Owl workshop at the 2013 IHTSDO Showcase in Washington, D.C. […]

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Singapore Drug Dictonary – Developing and integrating a national drug extension with SNOMED CT

Check out our presentation from the 2013 IHTSDO Showcase in Washington, D.C. […]

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Getting Groovy with SNOMED CT – Solving practical problems with scripting in Snow Owl.

Check out our presentation at the 2013 IHTSDO Showcase in Washington. D.C. […]

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Getting to know Snow Owl – First steps

This chapter describes the visual components in Snow Owl and how to navigate in the User Interface […]

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Surfing the sea of SNOMED CT – Browsing and searching with Snow Owl

This chapter gives an introduction to browsing and searching with Snow Owl. […]

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Close encounters with the concept – Introducing the editor

This chapter introduces the concept editor and shows basic concept authoring. […]

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Custom-built subsets: Reference sets in Snow Owl

Snow Owl allows to create and maintain different kinds of reference sets. They are named from the SNOMED CT Release Format 2 specifications, which are described in detail in the IHTSDO’s Technical Implementation Guide . […]

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Snow Owl lets you map existing clinical terms to the SNOMED CT terminology. In the following example, we’ll show you how to map some local terms to SNOMED CT. You’ll end up with a mapping file that can be further edited in Snow Owl and exported in a standard file format (a SNOMED CT Release Format 2 Complex Map Type Reference Set). […]

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