Collaborative Authoring: Value domain authoring

Snow Owl now supports creating value domain authoring tasks. To invoke the task wizard, click the button in the Task view. Alternatively you can use the main menu: File > New > Snow Owl > New Task.

Select "Value domain authoring" as the artifact type. Hit Next to continue.

Specifying a new value domain authoring task

Now specify if you want to create a new value domain, or modify an existing one.

If you chose to create a new value domain, you have to specify the Value domain display name. A new value domain will be created upon task activation. It will be visible in the value domain view when working on the branch, which means after the task has been activated.

Creating a new value domain in Task Wizard

If you chose to modify an existing value domain, you have to specify the value domain you want to work on. Enter the name of your value domain, the quick search function will automatically come up and display matching value domains.

Selecting an existing value domain from quick search