Import new version of automap file

Import and compare automap file

When importing a new version of a spreadsheet, it can now be compared to a previous version. Changes or new items will be listed in the wizard. The new feature can be invoked by clicking Open import and compare with file dialog in the toolbar of the automap editor.

To start the comparison

Selecting a file for comparison

Now you can review a list of differences between the two versions. Select the ones you want to import by checking the boxes, and click Finish.

Compare wizard showing differences between two versions of an automap spreadsheet

The automap file has been updated with the new version. You can see that the newly imported items have not been mapped yet. Save the file, and click automap to map the new items.

Automap file after update

Updating reference sets from automap file

When you made changes to an automap file, for example by importing a newer version of a spreadsheet, you can now easily update the corresponding reference set. During the update new members will be added to the reference set. Members that were removed will be inactivated or deleted (if the reference set hasn't been published yet). If the label changes (ID remains the same), the old mapping is inactivated (deleted) and a new one is created.

Click OK to start the update.

Updating existing reference set

A dialog informs you about redundant members that were ignored at the update. Click OK to complete the update.

List of redundant members