Update on exporting map type reference sets to Excel

When exporting map type reference sets to Excel, it's now possible to export the Map target ID, the status ID, and the Module label. Overall the following components can be exported:

Exporting map type reference set to Excel

Exporting description and relationship reference sets to Excel

Reference sets that are based on descriptions or relationships can now be exported as a delimiter separated text file.

Specifying file path and effective time

On the following page, you will be prompted to review all unpublished export components. Hit Next to proceed

Reviewing export components

A message will inform you about the processing time. Hit Yes to continue.

If you are doing a formal publication, you need to update the components to the date you set as target time. If you are exporting for internal use, you should not check the box. In this case the components in the export file will have an effective date, while the ones in Snow Owl remain unpublished.

Hyperlink to exported file

Click on the hyperlink to the exported file to see the file (see screenshot).

Exported relationship based reference set