Mapping sets

Mapping set export

It's now possible to export a mapping set as an Excel file. Go to File > Export > Snow Owl > Mapping sets to Excel file, click Next.

Exporting mapping sets as Excel file

Specify the file path, and the publication date, click Next to start the export.

Specifying publication date

After the export, you can choose to update the mapping set with the effective date. This will update all unpublished mappings to the date you set as target time. If you don't check the box, the mappings will not be updated, they will remain unpublished.

Updating the effective date

Mapping set editor preferences

It is now possible to select the desired columns of the Mapping set editor's table. The preferences can be access from the standard Snow Owl Preferences support, or from the mapping set editor by right-clicking on the table header. Note: after setting the preferences, the editor needs to be reopened to take effect.

Table preferences