Reference sets

Extended map type reference set

It's now possible to create extended map type reference sets. This type of reference set it very similar to complex map type reference sets, but also allows specifying map categories for an associated reference set member. In case of ICD-10 the individual category values are subtypes of 447634004|ICD-10 Map category value|. For further information about extended map reference set, refer to the IHTSDO Technical Implementation Guide.

To create an extended map type reference set, click on the corresponding button in the main tool bar . You can also right-click on the folder in the reference set view and select New extended map type reference set from the context menu.

The Referenced component is SNOMED CT concept. As a Map target, you can select: ICD-10, ICD-10-AM or Unspecified. Click Finish to proceed.

Creating an extended map type reference set

The default setting for map category is Map source concept cannot be classified with available data. Use the quick search wizard to specify a map categories. As you can see in the screenshot, only valid results that are subtypes of the metadata concept ICD-10 Map category value are displayed.

Specifying map category

When adding a member to a reference set, you can now use the integrated quick search.

Quick search is available for the following components

Reference set wizard with integrated quick search

Query type reference set

When adding a member to the query-type reference set, the syntax is now displayed in ESCG formatting. The module can now also be changed directly in the wizard.

Adding a query to reference set

Clone and retire

When a version of SNOMED CT is created, it's not possible to delete members of a reference set anymore (see screenshot). Versioned components can only be inactivated.

Versioned reference set members can't be deleted

The Clone and retire function inactivates a mapping and creates a new mapping with the same referenced component. This is useful if you want to change a mapping that has already been versioned, because you only need to define the new target. The function is available for all map type reference sets.

Right-click on the mapping that you want to change, and select Clone and Retire from the context menu.

Cloning and retiring a mapping

A clone of the mapping with the same referenced component is now available in the wizard. Select the new map target and Finish.

Cloned mapping in wizard

Note: To inactivate a mapping completely, change its status from active to inactive in the editor, and Save.