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Collaborative authoring

New query form

The new wizard makes it easy to specify parameters for your task queries. The query parameters are in accordance with the task list. The query form consists of three tabs: Basic parameters, Assignees, and Miscellaneous parameters.

On the tab with Basic parameters, you need to specify a name for your query and select the repository.

The following parameters can be specified

Specifying basic parameters in the query wizard

In the Assignees section you query for users, it aligns with the Assignees section in the task editor. You need to enter the user name which is used in the task management system, in most cases this is the email-address of the user. If you want to create a query for all the tasks that you are assigned to simply enter your user name in the query fields for Author one, Author two, Reviewer one, Reviewer two, and Adjudicator (see screenshot). If you want to follow up with the tasks that you created, enter your user name at Reported by.

Specifying assignees in the query wizard

Miscellaneous parameters

Select the query parameters by clicking on the items in the list. Hold the CTRL (Windows) or CMD (OSX) key to select several items. To unmark an item hold the CTRL (or CMD) key and click on the item.

Specifying miscellaneous parameters in the query wizard

Enhancement on review tab

The columns in the task editor now display the user name of each reviewer. In a scenario with two reviewers, they can be distinguished more easily.

Task editor displaying two reviewers

Restricted promotion in dual-blind authoring scenario

In scenarios with dual authors and dual reviewers the task status can only be set to Verified if all cases were reviewed (accepted or denied). If a case is unresolved, because the reviewer or the adjudicator did not enter a decision, the workflow can not be pushed forward. If all cases were rejected, the promotion is also disabled.