Terminology search and browse updates

Advanced search improvements

The SNOMED CT advanced search has been improved to simplify the input of search parameters by providing drop-downs to select valid values. The search criteria have been extended, so it is now possible to filter concepts by namespace, module, or definition status, and combine these filters with lexical search methods. The module search criterion has also been added to the SNOMED CT description and reference set searches.

The new advanced search UI

Hovering over a search field displays information about available wildcards, logical operators, etc. that can be used to find the most relevant results.

Tooltip providing hints on the syntax

To support repetitive lookups the advanced search dialog remembers the selected values from drop-down fields when the dialog is opened again after running a query.

Revamped concept tooltips

Concept tooltips in the SNOMED CT hierarchical concept navigator have been redesigned to show more detailed information on the concept, including the fully specified name, the concept ID and the module. The number of descendants is also displayed.

New tooltips on the concept navigator display more detailed info


Snow Owl broadened the range of supported terminologies by providing search, browse, and mapping capabilities for ICD-10-CM. A hierarchical navigator allows browsing through the chapters, while double-clicking a term opens a read-only editor for viewing the code and the details. Lexical search and tree filtering is also available, and ICD-10-CM codes can be used in value sets, mapping sets and SNOMED CT mapping reference sets.

ICD-10-CM hierarchical view and navigator

Searching ICD-10-CM codes