3103, 2017

NHS Digital licenses Snow Owl Collaborative Authoring Platform and Terminology Server

On March 31st, 2017, NHS Digital licensed the Snow Owl® Collaborative Authoring Platform and Terminology Server to support their terminology authoring processes. In addition to driving the UK’s clinical terminology efforts by providing a platform to author national clinical codes, Snow Owl will support the maintenance and improvement of the dm+d drug extension which alone [...]

109, 2016

SNOMED CT UNMC extension released with Snow Owl

The University of Nebraska Medical Center released it’s SNOMED CT extension to the public using the Snow Owl terminology server and the thick client. They utilized the collaborative authoring features and the concrete domain support of Snow Owl in order to properly model phenotype and genome data.

3107, 2016

SNOMED international release produced on Snow Owl

The first SNOMED CT international release authored on the Snow Owl Terminology Server is released publicly. This important milestone demonstrates that Snow Owl is now the de facto SNOMED CT authoring tool that is used to produce the international standard.

106, 2016

Snow Owl MQ goes live for SG public hospital drug search

The Singapore Drug Dictionary that was authored with a customized Snow Owl client and server is now published online and is available for hospitals around the country. Snow Owl enabled the autogeneration of the drug dictionary using complex algorithms that were validated by our partner pharmacist team in Singapore. The resulting drug dictionary is comprehensive [...]

1005, 2016

Snow Owl MQ 1.6 release

Snow Owl MQ 1.6 has been released and is available at! Some of the new features are: quick navigation through hyperlinks, smart cohort generation - powered by health outcomes of interest, diagrammatic representations for concepts, highlighted inactive concepts.

2004, 2016

Human Longevity licenses tooling for phenotype modeling

Human Longevity is now using the Snow Owl client for authoring their extension in the domain of human phenotypes – including the creation of concepts, reference sets and mappings, as well as semantic queries. Authoring and mapping a local extension is made easy with Snow Owl’s smart extension maintenance features and easy-to-use concept authoring interface.

1204, 2016

Snow Owl 4.6 is public and available for download

Two years after the previous freeware release, Snow Owl 4.6 is finally out and available for download. Our latest version includes a number of new features, such as Switch between stated and authoring mode Model components by proximal primitive parents or proximal parents Compare different versions of the terminologies Support for ICD-10-CM Improved advanced search [...]

107, 2015

UNMC licenses for phenotype & genomic modeling

The University of Nebraska Medical Centre (UNMC) started using the Snow Owl terminology server and the thick client to author their SNOMED CT extension that models phenotype and genomic concepts. They moved their entire terminology authoring and release process to Snow Owl including the creation of maps between their extension and LOINC. Snow Owl allows [...]

1505, 2015

Singapore Drug Dictionary completes development

A multi-year project of migrating the Singapore Drug Dictionary to the ontology model of SNOMED CT with the aid of Snow Owl's automated processes has came to completion. An online SNOMED CT and Singapore Drug Dictionary browser (SDD Lite) has been put in use to expose the Singapore Drug Dictionary to public users. Singapore maintains [...]

2003, 2015

B2i Healthcare’s Snow Owl Terminology Server licensed as global standard

After IHTSDO’s request for proposals for a terminology server for authoring SNOMED CT content in September 2014, B2i Healthcare is proud to announce that Snow Owl Terminology Server has been considered as the best fit for for IHTSDO’s requirements. Snow Owl terminology server will be used for the authoring and biannual release of the International [...]