Dulce de leche, South America’s favorite milk candy.

  • Version: Snow Owl v4.4
  • Start date: Start date: 20 September 2015
  • End date: End date: 13 November 2015
  • Code name: Dulce de leche

Snow Owl 4.4 added support for considering the ontology based on its relationships with both stated vs. inferred characteristic types. Where applicable, users can now select relationship characteristic types to filter or toggle content shown.

 SNOMED CT navigator

Users can toggle between the stated vs. inferred tree by clicking on the pencil/magic wand toolbar button.

 SNOMED concept and simple type reference set editors

The editor toolbar now hosts a new filter button to invoke a filter dialog where users can select characteristic types to be shown within the Overview editor page.

The default characteristic types can be set in Preferences->Snow Owl->Editors->SNOMED CT Editor.

The visualization can also be toggled between stated vs. inferred relationship types to be considered.

 Various improvements

  • When importing and exporting, both stated and inferred relationships are imported and maintained (sc2_StatedRelationship*.txt files).
  • Indexing stated parentage (parent and ancestor fields) on concepts
  • Classifier now uses the stated graph to produce changes to the DNF (inferred view)
  • Classifier now deletes any unpublished redundant inferred relationships instead of inactivating them
  • SNOMED CT editor preferences tab names now match the editor tab names
  • Validation to consider the difference between stated/inferred relationships
  • Visualization is created lazily when the user opens the visualization tab
  • Removed internal set of stop words
  • Allow permissive population of the reference set view (removed hard-coded constants)


Various issues reported by customers, testing and introduced by the support for stated and inferred relationships