• Version: Snow Owl v2.3
  • Start date: 17 December 2012
  • End date: 25 January 2013
  • Code name / adopted animal: Tobias, a raven at the Budapest Zoo

Refactoring and performance

In this short holiday milestone, we focused on improving our architecture. This allows us to continually adapt to new requirements and to enforce clear extension points for other applications that integrate with Snow Owl. We also worked on improving the overall performance of Snow Owl.

Additional documentation

User guide

The chapter about Collaborative Authoring in the User guide was extended and updated. Special attention was given to providing a basic overview of collaborative authoring and the workflow. The following sections were revised:

  • Introduction to the workflow
  • Setting up a remote task repository
  • Creating new tasks (types of tasks, creating new local tasks, creating new repository task, submitting repository tasks)
  • The task list (introduction, creating queries to organize your tasks, scheduling tasks)
  • Editing repository tasks (repository task details, attachments)
  • Working on tasks (assigning and accepting tasks, activating tasks, following up with modifications)
  • Working on tasks (activating tasks, synchronizing tasks, notification of conflicts)
  • Completing a task and promoting the changes (finish working on a task, reviewing a task, promoting and closing a task)