Honeybee, the state insect of Nebraska and South Dakota.

  • Version: Snow Owl v4.3
  • Start date: 3 August 2015
  • End date: 19 September 2015
  • Code name: Honeybee.

Snow Owl 4.3 added full browsing support for ICD-10-CM.

Hierarchy navigator

ICD-10-CM codes can be browsed in a hierarchy navigator. Each chapter is identified with a unique icon. This icon is used throughout the the application to help classifying the codes.

The ICD-10-CM concept navigator

Clicking on a code expands the hierarchy to view subtypes. Double-clicking on a code opens a detailed view with all the descriptions and additional metadata. A second tab allows reviewing mappings.

Detailed view of an ICD-10-CM code

An inverse hierarchy of the selected node can be browsed in the Parents view.

Inverse hierarchy displaying parent nodes

Hierarchy navigator

Quick search now lists all ICD-10-CM codes if they match the entered search expression. Advanced search also supports searching by code or label.

ICD-10-CM in quick search

ICD-10-CM in advanced search


Precoordinating a postcoordinated expression is available again in server-client mode.