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Snow Owl 6.0

Snow Owl 6.0 was focusing on various improvements and the addition of a number of new features as well. Due to underlying technology updates and large-scale improvements the version number was bumped from the expected 5.5 to 6.0. Query specification reference set improvements Create intensional refsets with a single wizard Whether you have already created [...]

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Snow Owl 5.4

dm+d dm+d Introduction The dm+d is a dictionary of descriptions and codes which represent medicines and devices in use across the NHS. It provides: the recognized NHS Standard for uniquely identifying medicines and medical devices used in patient care clear, consistent recording and communication of information relating to medicines and devices used in patient care [...]

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SNOMED is used for genomic data representation

The University of Nebraska Medical Centre (UNMC) in a joint effort with experts from the US, UK and Sweden has used Snow Owl to build a SNOMED based observable ontology covering genomic observables, and anatomic & molecular pathology. Biobanks that capture data for cancer patients can utilize this ontology to recruit patients for clinical trials [...]

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Snow Owl 5.3

Workflow improvements Resolution status Resolution status can be specified for all resolved tasks. The statues are following the Bugzilla default resolution statuses. When resolving a task with no changes on them, the users are presented with a warning. Select resolution status Query unassigned tasks Tasks can now be queried to retrieve those that [...]

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Snow Owl 5.2

The workflow functionality of Snow Owl has been redesigned to support a more flexible approach allowing the assignment of multiple authors and reviewers to a task. Introduction to the workflow Task lifecycle Snow Owl has been architected to author terminologies in a distributed and collaborative fashion. Users can work in the same location or can [...]

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Snow Owl 5.1

The Snow Owl 5.1 release was focusing on reference set related operations. Besides the new features, a number of old functionalities from the 4.6 version have been migrated to work under the 5.x. New features Reference set combinations A new dialog allows creating all sorts of logical combinations from two simple type reference sets, including [...]

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NHS Digital licenses Snow Owl Collaborative Authoring Platform and Terminology Server

On March 31st, 2017, NHS Digital licensed the Snow Owl® Collaborative Authoring Platform and Terminology Server to support their terminology authoring processes. In addition to driving the UK’s clinical terminology efforts by providing a platform to author national clinical codes, Snow Owl will support the maintenance and improvement of the dm+d drug extension which alone [...]

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Snow Owl 4.6.6

Version: Snow Owl v4.6.6 Release date: 1 February 2017   LOINC new version now supported The new 2.58 version of LOINC, released in December 2016 is now supported by Snow Owl. This version introduced various model updates, so the import components, the underlying data model and the UI were both updated to reflect these changes. [...]

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