Check out our presentation at the 2013 IHTSDO Showcase in Washington. D.C.

Working with IHTSDO’s National Release Centers revealed the necessity for supporting the means of advanced terminology maintenance operations.

Typical requirements include:

  • Searches where the criteria cannot fully be expressed via HL7 TermInfo, the Extended SNOMED CT
    Compositional Grammar, or lexical search techniques
  • Bulk terminology updates including the generation of terminology artefacts
  • Custom output formats for ad-hoc reports
  • Combinations of the above with possible automatized execution

To provide support for these highly customizable and advanced operations via scripting opens the door to completely new and powerful features that are not possible or would be very cumbersome to implement in a traditional graphical user interface. Groovy is a dynamic programming language that builds upon the strengths of Java with a very flat learning curve for people familiar with object-oriented languages. It is easy to read and learn and has scripting and domain-specific language support which makes it ideal for providing scripting support for SNOMED CT tools written in Java such as the Snow Owl tooling platform.
This presentation will discuss the implementation for scripting support via practical examples, including a brief the introduction to the Groovy language. Examples will be demonstrated using Snow Owl.