Adding and removing bookmarks

Favorite SNOMED CT concepts, descriptions, ATC, ICD-10, LOINC codes, LCS, local codes, Mapping sets, Value Domains, and reference sets can be bookmarked for future reference (just like the bookmarks in your internet browser).

Bookmarks view

There are different ways of bookmarking:

Bookmark concept

When bookmarking a concept a small blue (bookmark) decorator is added to the top-level concept icon making it easy to recognize bookmarked concepts in the SNOMED CT concepts view.

Bookmark decorator on concept icon

To remove a bookmark, go to the bookmarks view, right-click the component you want to unmark and select Delete from the context menu. Alternatively, you can use the toggle button in the concept editor.

Actions in the bookmarks view

You can add a note to the bookmarked component to indicate actions to be taken or a nickname. The notes will appear in the description column of the bookmarks view. Notes can be added or changed directly in the bookmarks view by clicking on the description, or by selecting Properties in the context menu.

Right-click a component in the bookmarks view to bring up the context menu with the following actions:

Bookmarks view context menu