Filter Search

The SNOMED CT hierarchy can be filtered by typing text in the entry field on the top of the view. The filtering is incremental, each keystroke is evaluated as you type. All descriptions are considered during filtering, not only the preferred terms; you can also use the filter to look up a concept by its ID. Filter search is also available in the

To reduce the number of keystrokes, you can enter only the first few characters of the words in a multi-word expression. For example, enter "bl p st sy" to find Standing systolic blood pressure.

Filter search for multi-word expression

The results can be presented either as a tree or as a flat list. Use the toggle button to switch between the two options.

The tree view displays the results within the hierarchy showing the matching concepts and their top-level parent. Concepts between the top-level parent and the matching concept are omitted.

Filter search results in tree view

The flat list shows only the results in alphabetical order.

Filter search results in flat list

This features is also available in the views for ATC, LOINC, ICD-10/ICD-10-AM, local code systems, value domains, and mapping sets.