LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) is used to identify medical laboratory observations. The latest version of LOINC is available in Snow Owl. A view and an editor have been added to display LOINC content, it's also possible to search for LOINC content.

LOINC view

Icons are used to distinguish different LOINC top level classes (e.g. fertility testing, skin tests).

LOINC view, top-level grouping

The LOINC view displays the short-names of the codes as a tree structure. Clicking on the triangles allows you to browse the multi-axial hierarchy. The functions in the navigator are similar to the other views (e.g. SNOMED CT). The LOINC codes are at the end of the hierarchies.

LOINC view, top-level grouping

LOINC editor

The LOINC editor displays information about a selected LOINC part or LOINC code. LOINC parts have an LP in front of the LOINC number, LOINC codes don't (see screenshot). Double-click on an item in the LOINC view to open the editor. The editor is grouped in three pages:

Click on the tab at the bottom of the editor to view a page.

LOINC editor - Overview page

You can see if the code that you are looking at is used in a mapping or value domain by going to the respective tabs where the details are listed.

Value domain tab of LOINC editor

Search LOINC

Searching for LOINC codes works similar to searching within other terminologies.

Quick search allows a comprehensive search across all terminologies and classification systems. Search results for LOINC appear as a new category (see screenshot).

Quick search results displaying matches from SNOMED CT, ICD-10, and LOINC

The LOINC view uses the same functions as the other concept navigators in Snow Owl: You can use the text field to do filter searches, displays filter results hierarchically, link with the open editor, set a concept as the root node, and return to the default root node, etc.

LOINC filter search results

There's also a LOINC tab in the Advanced search dialog. Searches can be made based on Code and Label.

LOINC advanced search dialog

The results are displayed in the search view.

LOINC search results