Search for reference sets and value domains

Searching for reference sets and value domains works similar to searching within other terminologies.

Quick search

Quick search allows a comprehensive search across all terminologies and classification systems. Search results for reference sets and value domains appear as a separate categories (see screenshot). Searches can be based on name and ID (only exact match).

Quick search results displaying matches from SNOMED CT, Reference sets, LOINC, and Value domains

Filter search

The value domains view allows to filter value domains.

Value domain filter search results

Advanced search

There is also an advanced search function for reference sets and value domains. Results are displayed in the search view.

Reference set searches can be based on Identifier concept ID, name (Reference set label), and reference component type (e.g. SNOMED CT concept, ATC).

Reference set advanced search dialog

The following search criteria can be used for Value domains:

The search criteria can be combined by using

Advanced Search for Value Domain