First steps: Setting up Snow Owl for collaborative mode

Snow Owl can operate in either standalone or collaborative mode. By default it starts up as a standalone application and uses an embedded repository. To work in collaborative mode, you need to connect to two components

Connecting to the remote terminology repository

To work in collaborative mode:

This will connect you to the terminology server. Working with the terminology server is fairly similar to working with a wiki page. You log in, and you can read or edit information, but the information is stored on the wiki page and not on your computer. The Snow Owl terminology server works the same way: Whenever you make changes to the ontology, they will be stored on the server, not on your computer. The data is also on the remote server on not on your computer like in the standalone version.

Terminology repository settings

Connecting to the remote task repository

In order to collaborate with other users you need to set up a remote task repository, which is used to create and manage tasks.

To add the task repository to Snow Owl,

The new repository is will now be added. It is displayed in the Task Repository view.

Specifying task repository

Connecting products

After the new task repository is available, you might need to connect the product names in Snow Owl to the terms used on the Bugzilla. If your default settings use the same names, this is not necessary.

To see which product names are used go to File > Preferences > Bugzilla Repository > Bugzilla Products. The column on the left side shows the product names used in Snow Owl, the column on the right displays the default product names used in Bugzilla.

Connecting product names

Connecting product names