LOINC editor

Snow Owl allows creating and modifying LOINC codes. Validation support during the editing process ensures that newly created codes conform with the guidelines.

Creating a new LOINC code

To create a new LOINC code, go to the LOINC navigator, right click the parent, and select Add new child concept.

Creating a new LOINC code

This will open the new code in the editor.

Copy of a LOINC code with frames indicating that information can be edited

Once you are done editing, save your changes. The new LOINC code is now visible in the LOINC navigator and can also be found in searches.

LOINC code validation

The code validation prevents you from authoring invalid codes, because errors have to be fixed before saving. If you enter an invalid value in the Ranking section, you will see a small error icon. Hover over the icon to get detailed information about the problem.

LOINC code validation

Editing an existing LOINC code

You can change LOINC codes that are part of your extension. To make a change,

Deleting a LOINC code

You can delete LOINC codes that are part of your extension by right-clicking the code in the LOINC view and selecting Delete concept. When deleting a code all subtypes will also be deleted. To avoid mistakes, you will be presented with a deletion plan. Click Finish to confirm the deletion, or Cancel to keep the code. The deleted code will be no longer displayed in the LOINC view.

Deletion plan for LOINC code