Mapping sets

Importing mapping sets from Excel

To import mapping sets from an Excel file go to File > Import > Mapping Sets from Excel spreadsheet, click Next.

Importing mapping sets from an Excel spreadsheet

Browse for the import file and select one of the following import options:

Click Finish to start the import. A warning will inform you if you are about to overwrite content: in this case you need to confirm the import. If the import fails due to a problem with the data in the Excel sheet, a validation log will display details.

Importing mapping sets

After the import, you can review the imported content in the summary. Click on a component to see details in the bottom part. In the screenshot, you can see that two mapping sets were added. The bottom section displays different mappings as well as the metadata of the selected mapping set. For mappings, the source member is displayed in the "Changes" column. A small blue plus decorator indicates that a component was added. The middle section contains details about the import (e.g. user name, date, file name). If you updated a mapping set, you could see different versions here, and click on the versions to display the history in the buttom section.

Summary of imported mapping set content

Exporting mapping sets to Excel

To export a mapping set as an Excel file. Go to File > Export > Snow Owl > Mapping sets to Excel file, click Next.

Exporting mapping sets as Excel file

Specify the file name and file path, click Next to proceed. On the last page of the wizard, you can select which mapping sets you want to export from the list. Click Next to start the export.

Selecting mapping sets for export

After the export, you can follow the link to the export file. The mapping set is exported in standard format (see screenshot). Different mapping sets are filed in separate worksheets, an index sheet is generated in the first tab of the spreadsheet to allow easy navigation between the tabs. Metadata will be exported as additional rows under the mandatory properties. In case of multiple keywords, multiple rows with the same property but different values are exported.

Exported mapping set in Excel