New Features


We use the first milestone after a major release to spend time improving our architecture. This allow us to continually adapt to new requirements and to enforce clear extension points for other applications that integrate with Snow Owl.

Add bookmark from editor

You can now bookmark a concept directly from the concept editor. The action is a toggle button , so you can activate it to bookmark the concept, and click a second time to remove the concept from your bookmarks.

Bookmarking a concept in the concept editor

Bookmarked concepts will be listed in the Bookmarks View, where they can be opened by double-clicking. They will also be included in the quick search.

Support for UK Extension

We now support importing the trial RF2 release from the UK Terminology Centre. There are some known issues in this trial release that require some manual workarounds. These issues have been reported to the UKTC and will be resolved in future trial releases.

Accept multiple mappings

The automapping editor now supports accepting multiple mapping at once. Mark the mappings you want to accept, you can select multiple rows that are not adjacent, or a sequence of adjacent rows (see screenshot below). Once you are done right-click and choose Approve mapping state(s). The change will be indicated in the column "Mapping state" which will switch from "not accepted" to "accepted".

Approving multiple mappings in the automapping editor

Snow Owl video tutorials

There are several video tutorials introducing the basic features of Snow Owl, which are browsing, searching, editing, creating reference sets, and mapping.

All videos have captions and transcripts. An overview of the videos is available at:

The topics covered are: