Collaborative authoring

Modifications in the task editor

The user interface of the task editor has been modified to simplify collaborative work. Additional functions (e.g. batch review, link to artifact) were added to the task editor.


Task status: The toolbar displays the task number and the status. Use the drop-down menu, and save to change the status.

Link to artifact: A link in the toolbar now allows opening the artifact that you are working on directly from the toolbar. For example, if you are working on a reference set, click on the link to open the reference set editor. There is no link for General Authoring tasks.

It's no longer necessary to submit changes manually, they are submitted automatically when saving. For this reason the submit button was removed from the UI.

Synchronize incoming changes. Updates the local copy of the task to reflect any changes on the server.

Activate: Click on the icon to activate/inactivate your task. A frame around the circle indicates that the task is activated (see screenshot).

Open with Web Browser: Displays the web interface for the task in an internal web browser.

Promote: Use this button to promote changes to the main repository. This button is only enabled if the task has been reviewed.

Task editor toolbar

Task page

The task page consists now of the following sections:

Task editor

Review page

The context page was renamed to "Review page".

Review page for reference set authoring

Batch review

The reviewer can now accept or deny all members of a value domain, reference set, mapping set, map type reference set by using the buttons in the toolbar of the task editor.

To accept or deny a single item, click on the respective cell in the table.

Review page for reference set authoring

Restricting import to administrator

Import is now restricted to the administrator. The import can only be done from MAIN through the UI. If the assigned role is Editor, Browser, or Reviewer, it is not possible anymore to import. The import restrictions apply to all import content (all terminologies and classification systems, value domains, mapping sets, local code systems).