Collaborative authoring for mapping sets

Snow Owl now supports mapping set authoring. The following use case, describes mapping set authoring with one author and one reviewer.

Creating a task for mapping set authoring

To invoke the task wizard, click the button NewTaskWizard.png in the Task view. On the first page of the wizard you are prompted to select

Hit Next to continue.

Creating a mapping set authoring task

On the next page, you can either modify an existing mapping set or create a new one. If you want to modify an existing value domain, select this option and enter the name of the value domain. For the new mapping set you have to specify the following mandatory text fields:

Specifying the mapping set

Select a scenario, specify the team members that will be working on the task, and add a task summary. Click Finish to complete the task generation.

Specifying team members for mapping set task

Working on a task

When activating the task, a mapping set will be automatically generated for your branch. Open the mapping set, add members, and save. You can review the mappings on the context page of the task editor. Once you are done working, synchronize, set task status to RESOLVED AS FIXED, and submit. This will hand the task over to the reviewer.

Reviewing mappings on the context tab

Reviewing and promoting changes

To accept or deny a mapping, click on the respective cell in the table. Only mappings that were accepted will be submitted for promotion. Members that were denied or not reviewed will be excluded. It's also possible to write a comment, e.g. reason for denial, suggestion for different mapping.

Once the review is completed, make sure you save your review, set the status to Mark as VERIFIED, and submit. The status will change from RESOLVED to VERIFIED.

If you are not happy with the work performed, the task can be reopened and handed back to the author. Alternatively, a different author can be assigned by entering the user name of a new team member in the People section. The status will change from RESOLVED to REOPENED.

After a task reached the VERIFIED state it is ready to be promoted and committed into the main repository.

Go to the context page of the editor, and click Promote changeset . If it is disabled that means that the task has not been reviewed and verified, or that there were changes on the main repository that aren't reflected on the task and you need to synchronize first.

After a successful promotion the status of the task changes from VERIFIED to CLOSED, the task is automatically inactivated. The new mapping set is added to the main repository.