Module dependency

Snow Owl now supports the import, automatic update and publication of the IHTSDO module dependency reference set. Validating for missing module dependencies have never been so easy!

Validate dependencies based on module dependency refset during import

When importing new components into the tool, Snow Owl validates if all the module dependencies are satisfied. This way, invalid import attempts can be detected and fixed easily.

Update module dependency refset when modules are updated

When creating a new module, the module dependency reference set is automatically updated. The new module will surely have dependencies for the IHTSDO model component module, as the model components are required for the concept definition. Additional dependencies are calculated based on the components created under this module.

Dependencies calculated for a new module

Module dependencies are not manually editable. The module dependency reference set is a structural reference set, that is updated behind the scenes.

Structural reference sets

Export module dependency refset

When selecting a particular module to export, the export wizard now supports the addition of the dependent modules. By adding the dependencies the export output will be universally valid, and can be used in other systems.

Adding the required dependencies to the export file