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Version compare editor improvements

The compare editor was modified to facilitate reviewing change details when comparing versions. The change details section now contains the following columns:

The columns can be sorted by clicking on the header.

Change details for non-human reference set

Export change details

It's now possible to export the content of the compare editor as a text file. To invoke the wizard use the export button in the toolbar of the compare editor. The delimiter separated text file can be imported into Excel.

Exporting change details

The destination file can be opened using Excel.

Exported change details in Excel

Patch compare

The patch compare feature allows comparing the original version (source) with the current state of a patch (destination). For example, if you made changes to a the 2013-07-31 SNOMED CT release, you can compare the original release with the latest state of your patched SNOMED CT release (2013-07-31*). It's not possible to compare different versions of a patch with each other.

The compare patch wizard can be invoked at Tools > Patch compare ... or directly from the toolbar button. Select a patched version that you want to compare. The patch is always compared with the original version, so it's not necessary to select a comparison source. Click Finish to start the comparison.

Selecting a patch version for comparison

The comparison editor is similar to the one described in the section about comparing versions.

Patch compare results