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Proximal primitive modeling

Snow Owl now enables selecting the preferred modeling method by using either the proximal parent, or the proximal primitive supertype for concept authoring.

Proximal primitive parent model selects the closest primitive parent (or parents) in the hierarchy to the concept being modeled. By using this modelling method, inferred attributes from the selected concept are automatically added to the new concept as stated attributes. After running the classifier, more accurate inferred parents will be indentified. This method is recommended by the IHTSDO, as it reduces the maintenance of parent relationships and increases the accuracy and breadth of supertypes and subtypes.

The other modeling method is Proximal parent (or parents) - here the direct parent is used, regardless of its definition status. Attributes are not copied over to the new concept, as the classifier will inherit them as needed.

Both modeling options are available when creating a new child or sibling concept. After selecting the modeling option and finishing the wizard, the new concept's editor is shown to allow modifications to the descriptions and attributes.

Choosing between proximal and proximal primitive parents in the new child concept wizard

Choosing between proximal and proximal primitive parents in the new sibling concept wizard

MRCM updates

The machine readable concept model (MRCM) defines the allowed attributes a particular concept domain can have. This model is editable and licensed users can now export their version of the concept model for sharing it with other users. An easy to use import-export wizard has been added to facilitate this process.

The MRCM editing feature is now available for demo users as well. The MRCM constraint editor has been enhanced with a quick filter functionality to ease the navigation and lookup of the rules.

Version compare

Snow Owl 3.1 introduced the versioning features for various terminologies. As moving forward with the terminology management, it is possible to tag versions that are eligible for publication. In Snow Owl 4.6 the different versions of a particular terminology can be compared to see a list of all updates (including new additions and retirements) that happened between two publication dates, or between a publication date and the present state of the terminology.

Opening the version compare wizard

A hierarchical overview of the updated components

Additionally, if a version has to be patched, because corrections are needed after the publication, it is also possible with Snow Owl by simply switching back to the version in question, and making the necessary amendments. The compare feature is extended to work between a patched version and the original as well.

The results of a version comparison can be exported into a spreadsheet for further review and distribution.

Exporting change details

Exported change details in Excel