Creating a patch

A patch is used to make modifications to a version that has already been released. Once a patch has been applied to a version, users can only switch to the already patched state, switching back to the pre-patched state is not available, only by reverting the changes for the patch. It's not possible to merge changes on the version back to MAIN. The system is not maintaining both a version and its patch as two separate choices. Patched versions are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the version tag.

Patch compare

The patch compare feature allows comparing the original version (source) with the current state of a patch (destination). For example, if you made changes to a the 2013-07-31 SNOMED CT release, you can compare the original release with the latest state of your patched SNOMED CT release (2013-07-31*). It's not possible to compare different versions of a patch with each other.

The compare patch wizard can be invoked at Tools > Patch compare ... or directly from the toolbar . Select a patched version that you want to compare. Since the patch is always compared with the original version, it's not necessary to select a comparison source. Click Finish to start the comparison.

Selecting a patch version for comparison

The comparison editor is similar to the one described in the section about comparing versions.

Patch compare results