Check out the slides from our Snow Owl workshop at the 2013 IHTSDO Showcase in Washington, D.C.

The objective of this workshop was to give an overview of the main functions of Snow Owl. After a short introduction to the user interface, participants learnt how to use Snow Owl for viewing and searching SNOMED CT concepts. The second part of the workshop covered the basics of editing concepts and creating reference sets.

Here is an overview of the topics:

  • Introduction to the user interface: Layout of the work space, different visual components, basic navigation
  • Searching for SNOMED CT concepts
  • Viewing concepts in the editor
  • Editing concepts: Introduction to the concept editor, adding a description, changing the preferred term
  • Reference sets: Viewing reference sets, creating simple type reference sets, creating query-based reference sets
  • Advanced searches: Introduction to semantic queries

Exercises at the end of each section allow you to test your knowledge.