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Snow Owl is a powerful platform, which enables terminologies to be browsed, searched, authored and validated. The Singapore National Release Centre is using Snow Owl to author, maintain, review and publish the Singapore national SNOMED CT extension, including the Singapore Drug Dictionary (SDD). The Singapore SNOMED CT extension includes Singapore preferred terms, extension concepts, relationships and descriptions, and a variety of reference sets, including a number of mappings. Each of these artefacts undergoes a quality-review process, enabled by Snow Owl’s built-in task management module.

Support for the creation and maintenance of the Singapore Drug Dictionary is implemented on top of the Snow Owl platform. Drug information is entered once using traditional data structures, which are linked to a series of SNOMED CT reference sets (e.g. “˜Dose Form’, “˜Substance’, “˜Container’). The drug information is then transformed into an ontology of concepts defined at different levels of abstraction, as required by each medication management use-case. The SDD reference set creation, review and publication processes are managed using Snow Owl’s extensive set of features.