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We have extensive experience in healthcare terminologies and ontologies such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD-10, ICD-9, and the ATC classification system. We’re also familiar with healthcare information modeling standards, such as HL7 v3, openEHR, ISO13606, ISO21090, FHIR, NHS Logical Record Architecture, and Singapore Logical Information Model.

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Why Choose Us

  • We deliver: B2i has a track record of delivering complex healthcare software on time. B2i has consistently delivered robust, high-quality code in a timely and transparent manner—ask any of our customers.
  • We’re ready: B2i has the staff in place to hit the ground running. The team includes software engineers with extensive experience with SNOMED CT and enterprise Java application development.
  • We offer good value: We know from our experience in the marketplace that our rates are extremely competitive, and that when matched to the quality of our staff, they offer our clients unrivaled value for money.
  • We’re fun: We bring the commitment and enthusiasm to an assignment that is crucial to success. Our staff are experienced professionals who enjoy their work and quickly develop sound working relationships with clients at all levels.

What Clients Say

This is one more successful delivery […] for Connecting for Health & the HL7 community. B2i has once again demonstrated its commitment to deliver software solutions on time and quality. Well done guys.
Ravi Natarajan, Connecting for Health, United Kingdom
I have been watching SNOW OWL videos since 5 am. I have worked with [competing product 1], [competing product 2] and [competing product 3], but what you have done is a Masterpiece. Thank you very much for developing such a user-friendly and functional snomed software.
Alejandro Mauro, Ministry of Health, Chile
Many thanks [for delivery of the CfH Workbench]. I saw the earlier version demonstrated the other day. It is getting a lot of interest and looks very good.
Ken Lunn, National Health Service, United Kingdom
I have had my nose stuck in your tool for about 3-4hrs a day since I downloaded it. I really like your tool, and if you ever need a recommendation in the US – feel free to give my email address and I am happy to offer a very enthusiastic review!
Richard Esmond, PenRad, USA
[I have seen] a quick demo and it looks great. Pass on my thanks to all the team there.
Richard Kavanagh, National Health Service, United Kingdom
I continue to be impressed with Snow Owl and how it ‘just works’. Excellent response to query, and excellent documentation.
Rafael Richards, Department of Veteran Affairs, USA

Traditional Development

All of our products are available under commercial-friendly source code licenses with an architecture that facilitates commercial extensions.

This allows us to provide closed-source product development and consulting services to help our clients productize our technologies and embed them in their own proprietary applications.

Sponsored open source development

Our open-source work is funded by stakeholding organizations as self-contained projects or by sponsored extensions to existing work.

Our open-source development work is based on innovations from our internal R&D as well as our cooperation with experts from national healthcare IT programs (e.g. NHS Connecting for Health, Canada Health Infoway, USA Veteran’s Affairs), academia (particularly in regards to EU Framework programs), standards bodies (e.g. HL7, IHTSDO), and foundations (e.g. Open Health Tools, Eclipse Foundation, HL7 Tooling Collaborative).


We offer support contracts on all of our products, including our open-source activity.

Rest assured with a support level agreement customized to your production support requirements.


B2i forms long-term business relationships between companies with complementary commercial interests. B2i is committed to making our alliance partners successful by enabling them to deploy world-class IT systems on time and on budget. As our partners succeed, B2i succeeds, growing staff and technology investments in step with our partners.

B2i has a history of forming strategic alliances with domain experts: tying our success to that of our partners. This allows our partners to receive industrial-strength solutions developed by a team of international experts without paying the prohibitively expensive upfront costs of the development or the continuous costs of maintaining and staffing a software development department. This allows B2i and our partners to focus on their respective core competencies. An alliance with B2i provides an opportunity for an organization to out-source all or part of its development effort. Unlike consulting arrangements or simple project-based work, which involve short-term commitments, an alliance partnership provides B2i’s partners with the ability to influence B2i’s products and technical direction. Long-term relationships allow B2i to maintain its competitive advantage by enabling strategic R&D product initiatives.