Module-based editing

Snow Owl now supports extension authoring by restricting users from modifying modules they are not authorized for. Editors working under the task workflow system are only allowed to author and change components that belong to the module defined in the task scope. This helps avoid changing the core SNOMED CT content accidentally, also better separates the work of different authoring teams.

Administrators who bypass the workflow are still able to change any content in the database.

Table preferences

Concept and reference set tables in the editors can now be configured to display only the columns and content that are relevant for a user. The configuration page is accessible in the File>Preferences menu. Opened editors need to be closed and reopened after configuring the editor tables.

SNOMED CT Editor Preferences

ECL validation for inactive components

Expression Constraint Language (ECL) queries are now validated to check for inactive concepts that are referenced in the expression. As the editor only allows the selection or insertion of active concepts through the concept picker, this feature helps in identifying concepts that became inactive after the expression was authored.

Warning on ECL Editor due to inactive reference

Manual task synchronization

Task branches are automatically synchronized with the main before promotion to reveal any conflicts. For long-spanning task lifecycles however it might be useful to synchronize the task with the main repository multiple times throughout the authoring process to ensure that the most up-to-date content is authored.

It is now possible to manually sync an active task any time during the authoring process by clicking the Sync button in the Task Editor toolbar. This feature is available for all user roles.

Button to manually trigger synchronization

Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

  • Role group validation is now only considering active and stated attributes as recommended in the SNOMED International TIG
  • Concept inactivation error resolved
  • Refset export bundle now has a timestamp