Filter validation results

When running the validation, it might be possible that some of the components are not subject to further inspection, but still they are returned as they contain errors. To ease the review of the results, the Validation Issues view can be filtered by multiple criteria.

Filtering validation issues

Filter by module

This options filters the validation results by the module of the erroneous components. Useful when an extension author would like to hide errors that are coming from another extension or the international release.

Filter by status

This option filters the validation results by the status of the erroneous components.

Link concept editor with navigator

To ease the navigation up and down the hierarchy for a selected concept, concepts can be revealed in the navigator. This allows further exlploration of the concepts surroundings to find eg. additional suitable content for reference set authoring.

Selected concepts can be viewed in the hierarchy with all their supertypes and subtypes visible. For concepts with too many siblings, only the first 100 are loaded at a time to ensure that no performance issues occur.

Navigator and editor can be linked together using the  arrow toggle on the navigator view.

Linking concept editor with SNOMED CT navigator

Performance improvements

Application performance was improved for large change sets on task changes page. The page is now limited to display a maximum of 50 000 changes at a time.

Version compare

Two consecutive versions of SNOMED CT can now be compared using the Version compare feature. The resulting output is similar to the task changes tab. The version compare wizard can be opened from the top toolbar by clicking the Compare versions icon.

Version Compare Wizard


Compare Editor

Besides this graphical UI, the version compare groovy script is still accessible.

Task editor updates

Task editor has been updated to collapse all conversations by default and this ensuring easy access to the action buttons. Conversation order has been reversed.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Language reference set editing is now allowed on language refsets outside of the edited module
  • Permissions for whitelisting updated to enable editors to whitelist
  • Improved display of relationships on task changes tab – label instead of ID
  • Query type refset membership visible on concept editor’s References tab
  • Query member wizard validation displayed properly
  • Additional usability improvements