The 6.6 release of Snow Owl was focusing on usability and stability improvements to make it more suitable for extension building.

Language reference set editing

New language reference sets can now be created and set as default, so once the namespace is registered at SNOMED International, you can now build your very own extension from scratch. Reference set creation is possible using the new reference set wizard from the right-click context menu of the Reference set navigator.

Wizard to create new language reference set

Validation issues view

It is now possible to view and search all validation results. Table is improved for easier readability. Copy and pasting copies the ID which can later be inserted into search fields. From this version, validation results can be filtered by their corresponding concept’s status

The improved Validation Issues view

Search results view

‘Load more’ is now available in the search view.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Simple type reference sets, where the members are descriptions can now be browsed and edited without an error
  • Link with editor feature is improved
  • Additional validation rules implemented
  • Task editor changes tab now displays relationships by the descriptions of the referenced concepts