Snow Owl 6.8 is adding various improvements, usability enhancements and new search and filter functionalities to the validation and the classification results views.

Validation issues view updates

  • It is now possible to validate the unpublished content only. As it is necessarily a smaller set, validation is quicker than running the rules on the full dataset.
  • Default filters are applied on the Validation results view, but they can be changed manually
  • Relationships are displayed by their labels
  • Results can be filtered by their publication status or effective time
  • Rules can now be categorized as Error, Warning, Info or Other.

Classification results updates

  • Concept preview and Equivalent concepts tabs can be filtered bu concept description
  • Descriptions are added to the export file for easier human processing
  • Reviewers are now allowed to classify but can’t save the results
  • Concept preview diagrammatic representations for before and after classification are labeled so it’s easy to see which state you are viewing
  • A confirmation dialog pops up before saving the results to prevent accidental saving

Miscellaneous improvements

  • It is now possible to define multiple inactivation targets when a concept’s reason for inactivation is ‘Ambiguous’
  • Task editor has the people section collapsed by default
  • Module order is updated in export wizard