• Version: Snow Owl v3.2
  • Start date: 10 February 2014
  • End date: 21 March 2014
  • Code name: Csipesz, a pub in the 6th district of Budapest.

Visualization tab in SNOMED CT editor

The expression and diagram areas can now be manually resized. Drag the separating line to resize the area.

A word wrap was added so that long expressions can now be fully displayed.

Visualization tab for Tetralogy of Fallot

MS, Value Domain and LCS

Modification of Excel file format for import and export

To improve the usability of export/import files the following modifications have been made to the Excel file format:

  • Identifier metadata were excluded from the spreadsheet.
  • Tabs are now listed in alphabetical order of the name (see screenshot).
  • The “Membership Is Active” column was renamed to “Status”, values are now “Active/inactive” instead of “TRUE/FALSE”.

The modification apply to the export/import files for Value Domains, Mapping Sets, and Local Code Systems.

Export file for Value Domain

SNOMED CT release from January 2014

The dataset was updated to the latest SNOMED CT release from January 2014. One of the major changes was that the non-human refset and its members were inactivated, and are now part of the Veterinary Extension of SNOMED CT.

Further details about the changes can be found in the IHTSDO release noteshttp://www.ihtsdo.org/fileadmin/user_upload/doc/download/doc_SnomedCTReleaseNotes_Current-en-US_INT_20140131.pdf

SNOMED CT January 2014 release

New video tutorials

Local Code Systems

Several tutorial videos about working with LCS are now available now. All videos are transcribed and can be watched with captions.

The following topics are covered