The Snow Owl IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

simplifies developer tasks related to terminology tooling. It includes most features of our authoring platform, but is a desktop application restricted to a single user.

Our IDE embeds a terminology server and simplifies common terminology maintenance, ETL, and other tasks. Customized authoring environments support developing a library of queries (SNOMED CT expression constraints) using the Simple or Extended SNOMED CT Compositional Grammars and Groovy scripting. Files can be exported in a variety of formats like OWL 2, SNOMED RF1 and RF2, ClaML, spreadsheets and text files. It’s also easy to create custom formats that support direct import and export to your proprietary EHR and terminology applications.

Like all of our products, the architecture allows customized extensions to integrate your own tooling needs within a single platform.

Typical deployment: Snow Owl creates and maintains local code systems and mappings to reference terminologies like SNOMED CT. Snow Owl IDE allows exporting data in a format consumable by proprietary legacy system formats. The Snow Owl IDE has been built into proprietary tooling combining information modeling with ontology development.

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You’re welcome to try Snow Owl with SNOMED CT, ICD-10, LOINC, and ATC.

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