Managing publications: Update effective date on concepts and reference set members

Previously publication dates could only be assigned when a full publication was created (RF2 full export). Now, you can assign effective dates to unpublished components at the reference set publication as well (both during RF1/RF2 and spreadsheet export). The publication dates also apply for referenced components that are unpublished, so not only the reference set member is published, but also the referenced concept.

To export a reference set

Specifying the publication date

You can now review the unpublished components, which will be exported and assigned the effective date. The update will affect the reference set concept itself, the reference set membership, and also the effective date of unpublished concepts. This means, if an unpublished concept is a member of the reference set, not only the date of the reference set membership will change but also its publication status. Concepts that were already published will keep their original publication date, only the reference set membership date will be updated.

Click Next to start the export.

Unpublished components

After the export, you can choose to update the concepts and the reference set with the effective date. This will update all components to the date you set as target time. If you don't check the box, the components will not be updated, and there will be no changes to the effective time of the concepts and the reference set: They will remain unpublished.

Updating the effective date

If you open the reference set concept, you can see that the effective time changed from Unpublished to the date you set as target time. The effective time of the reference set membership can be reviewed by hovering over the members in the reference set editor.

Effective date after export